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Urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19

Dear customers,

We hereby inform you that following the evolution of Urgent Measures regarding containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019, our services may be delayed or reorganized at the last moment with or without notice, depending on the updating of the Regional Ordinances.

We are all aware that the situation is of an exceptional and extraordinary nature, we inform you that the company operates and intends to operate in the absolute rigor of the provisions that the competent authorities demand or oblige.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this situation may have, and we work hard to do our best by containing any inconvenience.


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Energy is Satisfaction

ETS believes that the quest for maximum efficiency should be done while respecting the world around us. For this reason it has a respectable industrial structure that allows to meet any customer demand, and decided to also invest in technology development through its industrial partners. At the same time, given the growing demand for sustainable energy, ETS pays great attention to CHP and The Renewables: if the high mechanical and thermal efficiency contributes itself to reduce the energy impact on the ecosystem, it is also essential to provide engines able to run on biogas from manure, waste dump, filtering sites, landfill gas or biodiesel EN 14214. The result of this approach is a satisfied customer at 360 degrees, who can have engines designed and built to ensure excellent output, operative continuity, security, durability and affordability. And a more intact natural environment.