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Fieragricola, 112th International Agricultural Technologies show

Fieragricola has been a landmark in international agricultural panorama for over a century and is the only event in Italy ensuring complete coverage of agricultural topics.

The wide-ranging exhibits, debates, technical and scientific meetings, performances and dynamic tests ensure that Fieragricola achieves impressive media impact and seeks to anticipate the needs of the market by creating relationships between exhibitors, visitors and sector associations and involving operators thanks to its dynamism and interactivity.

ETS, importer for MAN and Motortech, will be, with its stand, at this important event, presenting the new MAN engines and its high standard service. Programmed maintenances and after sales service are essentials to keep high the efficiency of our engines, suitable for every kind of cogenerator.

Mic 500 e Mic 850

The MIC850 is an ignition controller, designed to meet the latest specifications in relation to the microprocessor speed, accuracy and programming language.

Technical data and features
• 24 output channels
• 300 V primary voltage
• 180 mJ of energy
• 0.1 ° crankshaft accuracy
• Triggered by 1.2 or 3 pickups
• Automatic control of spark duration (ASC)
• 3 multi-purpose outputs (GPO)
• Large built-in LCD display with keyboard (optional)

• CAN Bus interface (open protocol)
• USB port

• Runtime data
• Ignition timing and mapping 
• Data logging
• Primary and secondary misfiring detection

MICT - ignition configuration tool
• Windows PC based
• Graphic user interface
• 24 configurable alarms
• Programmed timing and energy curves can be monitored

• For small and mid-sized gas engines from 2 to 16 cylinders
• Microprocessor controlled, single pickup, camshaft disc (4-stroke) or flywheel (2-stroke) triggered
• Fully programmable timing control curves and other features