ETS Academy

A technician is a partner

The ETS technician emerges as a crucial figure in the high-tech landscape, thanks to his remarkable efficiency which is the result of constant commitment to advanced and specialized training courses. This dedication to knowledge and continuous learning allows the ETS technician to excel in his field, offering innovative and optimized solutions for the management and maintenance of complex technological systems. His expertise is not limited to theory, but extends to applied practice, thus ensuring concrete and high-quality results in projects and maintenance activities.

At its headquarters in Padua, ETS has set up a high-level training program, entirely in Italian language, dedicated to the adjustment and fine-tuning of MAN gas engines through the use of Motortech accessories. This course is designed to meet the needs of installers, packagers and service partners, providing them with advanced technical skills specific to this sector. Through this initiative, ETS not only confirms its commitment to a superior quality training but actively contributes to the development of highly specialized professionals in the high-tech sector, thus strengthening the bond with its partners and customers.