Company closure for Liberation Day 2023

Dear customers,
We wish to inform you that on the occasion of Liberation Day, the ETS offices and warehouse will remain closed on April 24th and 25th, 2023.

However, for ETS contract customers, we will ensure that all services are provided despite the closure of our offices. Please be reminded that regular business activities will resume on the following day, April 26th, 2023.

We take this opportunity to extend our best regards,

ETS – Engine Technology Solutions
Importatore ufficiale motori stazionari MAN | Vendita ricambi originali MAN | Servizio assistenza motori a biogas e diesel


GS with MAN gas engines and accessories Motortech:

ETS provides on request a GS with gas MAN engine equipped with accessories Motortech, complete with generator, frame with support system and distribution box. Each GS is tested at our test stations up to the rated power with natural gas. This product provides a good basis for those customers who want to focus their Know-how on the planning stage of the cogenerator, with the advantage of starting from a module has already been tested.

Modello Alimentazione Potenza nominale

E0836 LE202 GS
E2876 LE202 GS
E2848 LE322 GS
E2842 LE322 GS

Biogas/Gas naturale
Biogas/Gas naturale
Biogas/Gas naturale
Gas naturale


Specifiche tecniche: su richiesta a ETS Srl.